Erin Davis


Erin Davis is the director of The Land: An Adventure Play Documentary which is distributed by New Day Films and featured in The Atlantic and NPR. As an advocate of child-directed learning and play Erin presents her film at universities and with community groups across the country.

As an educator, Erin has developed a series of innovative courses for Middlebury College combining academic study and research with media production. These courses are – Sound & Story: Documentary for the Airwaves and Sounds of Childhood: On the Social Construction of Childhood and offered throughout the academic year.

The Office of Digital Learning

MiddCast is made possible in part through the support of the Office of the Associate Provost for Digital Learning (ODL) at Middlebury College. The mission of the ODL is to develop a strategic vision for digital learning for Middlebury and to ensure that all members of the Middlebury community are fully supported in their explorations and uses of digital technology for the purpose of advancing teaching and learning. Established in July 2015, this office has a critical role in helping Middlebury to continue its leadership in higher education by leveraging and shaping digital tools and environments in service of students’ educational experiences.

By supporting MiddCast, the ODL hopes to provide an opportunity for digital learning to encounter narrative research, and to support students and others in the Middlebury community in creating reflective, challenging, and meaningful stories that reflect their learning and experiences in the world.