Introducing MiddleburiedIt's Not What You ThinkMidd Made

Introducing Middleburied

Join alumnus Maya Goldberg-Safir as she returns to Vermont to dig deep and uncover some of the best audio stories buried here on campus.

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It's Not What You Think

The It’s Not What You Think storytelling series hosts live events on campus, featuring personal stories from members of our campus community who have successfully navigated some of life’s unexpected twists and turns. The companion podcast brings these stories directly to you, on demand.

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Midd Made

Episodes developed and produced by students in order to offer stories and perspectives unique to how they encounter their world.

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Sound and Story from Coast to Coast


College campuses have historically offered us the young pulse of our nation, a taste of the future, a version of the right side of history.  Colleges are sites for the germination of movements, where young minds have the time and resources, the mentors and library privilages to develop a full picture of their place in history and their role in the arc of justice.  MiddCast will feature Middlebury’s engagement with this legacy. Dispatches from our campuses, our community about shaping the future.

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